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Random Starting Equipment

Random Items.png

When starting with significantly more than 5000 copper, picking starting items can take too long. By randomizing players' starting equipment, the process can be significantly shortened, and players end up finding uses for items they would not normally consider purchasing.

This randomization process can also be used for DM-controlled forces.

The Process

1. Roll for a magic item.

2. Decide how many of this item you would like. If 1 or more, return to step 1. Otherwise, proceed to step 3.

3. Spend remaining copper on gems and mundane equipment.

Optionally, to enforce a specific gem culture, the player may declare in advance that they will ignore any roll that results in items that use certain specified color(s) of gems.


Primary Chart

Roll (d10) Subchart
1-4 Weapons
5 Armor
6-9 Devices (Cheap)
10 Devices (Expensive)


Roll (d100) Item
1-2 Inferno blade
3-4 Gauntlet of chewing
5-6 Knife of spell devouring
7-8 Melter cannon
9-10 Skip cannon
11-12 Fire bomb
13-14 Spacehammer
15-16 Croquet mallet
17-18 Mindslicer
19-20 Extradimensional shovel
21-22 Warpbalest
23-24 Interdictor bolt
25-26 Warp orb
27-28 Brain lock
29-30 Metempsychotic sickle
31-32 Willcrusher
33-34 Soul jar
35-36 Gravity's bow
37-38 Soporific arrow
39-40 Fascinating trinket
41-42 Bonebiter spear
43-44 Blade of purification
45-46 Shadestar
47-48 Shadow dagger
49-50 Boneshooter
51-52 Puppeteer's gauntlet
53-54 Brightmouse
55-56 Sword of the storm
57-58 Lightning whip
59-60 Thunder maul
61-62 Ice fan
63-64 Bubble blaster
65-66 Dentures of bloodsucking
67-68 Claw bracelet
69-70 Rock sprayer
71-72 Mewling-tube
73-74 Ugly stick
75-76 Antenna bow
77-78 Duster rod
79-80 Earthball bomb
81-82 Ceremonial knife
83-84 Void axe
85-86 Hero's blade
87-88 Black blade of integrity
89-90 Hand, basket
91-92 Firebelcher
93-94 Time boulder
95-96 Bonespray shell
97-98 Bounceback ballista
99-100 Roll again


Roll (d10) Item
1 Nothingness armor
2 Mind barrier
3 Illusory armor
4 Reactive armor
5 Kinetic armor
6 Quill amulet
7 Thessian armor
8 Warhamster's battle regalia
9 Immovable shield
10 Void plate

Devices (Cheap)

Roll (d100) Item
1-2 Blitz boots
3-4 Bone cocoon choker
5-6 Brain extractor
7-8 Bridge of belief
9-10 Cauldron of devotions
11-12 Common wand
13-14 Crown of biohazards
15-16 Crown of champions
17-18 Crown of comprehension
19-20 Crown of conviction
21-22 Crown of electric attraction
23-24 Crown of fire control
25-26 Crown of synergy
27-28 Crown of the lich king
29-30 Dark sun
31-32 Decanter of timestone consecration
33-34 Detonation boots
35-36 Earring of power
37-38 Enmity bracelet
39-40 Explorer's top
41-42 Frame of airsteel manufacture
43-44 Gravedirt coffin
45-46 Hip flask of altered metabolism
47-48 Hydraulic power generator
49-50 Lantern
51-52 Projection sheet
53-54 Recording skull
55-56 Reflection boots
57-58 Robes of timestone permeability
59-60 Sack of bones
61-62 Shadeless cape
63-64 Skeleton key
65-66 Spectation screen
67-68 Stonefoot ring
69-70 Sympathetic fireplace
71-72 Tight clothing
73-74 Water pack
75-76 Whistle
77-100 Roll again

Devices (Expensive)

Roll (d100) Item
1-3 Airboxing suit
4-6 Beacon of aspatiality
7-9 Castle heart
10-12 Cataclysm staff
13-15 Cold terror discs
16-18 Corpse mirror
19-21 Crystal ball
22-24 Delayed door
25-27 Discworm
28-30 Dreamsharer
31-33 Elite wand
34-36 Euphio box
37-39 Friendship bracelet attunement device
40-42 Helm of Mana Collection
43-45 Helm of Overchanneling
46-48 History drill
49-51 Jetpack
52-54 Legend wand
55-57 Mansion door
58-60 Mundanity shrine
61-63 Necromantic emanator
64-66 Paragon wand
67-69 Portable hole
70-72 Seven league boots
73-75 Tablet of Forgotten Realms
76-78 Thermal lifting discs
79-81 Time beacon
82-84 Time keeper
85-87 Unlimited furnace
88-100 Roll again


The following item has been randomly selected according to the above rules.

Euphio Box.png
Euphio Box
Magic Device
This is a box with a single button on it.
Value 26000 copper
Weight 2 kilograms
Effects: Pink Gem.png When the button is pressed (a move action), the box plays unbelievably pleasing music for one hour or until the button is pressed again, whichever comes first. Any creature capable of clearly hearing the music (it can be heard from 200 meters) must make a DC 6 Will Save each round or become stunned by the music's sheer beauty. Creatures that have been successfully stunned are too happy to be brought out of this stunning trance for so long as they can still hear the music, no matter what happens to them. This happiness is a [ Joy ] effect.

A creature who has not yet been stunned by the music can take a move action on its turn to get a +2 bonus to the Will Save against the item for that round, by thinking hard about things that need to be done.