Hand, basket

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Basket Hand.png
Hand, Basket
Magic Weapon
This is a large collection of wicker hands coated with clay, with all the hands grasping outwards as if to drag its contents away.
Value 300 copper
Weight 1/2 kilogram
Handedness: Can only be used one-handed.
Effects: Black Gem.png As a standard action, you can attempt to force the head of a creature you are grappling into the basket hand with an attack against GD. If you hit, they project an Avatar into the astral realm, appearing in the closest open space corresponding to your location in the mortal realm. They stop projecting an Avatar if their head is extricated from the basket hand (a move action). Only one creature may be projecting an Avatar with the basket hand at a time. The basket hand does not function on Avatars or creatures already in the astral realm. You may use the basket hand on yourself without needing to grapple yourself first.