Recording skull

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Recording Skull.png
Recording Skull
Magic Device
Close inspection of this skull reveals that each tooth is attached to a spring and labeled with a different symbol, and there is a gem socket on the inside of the skull.
Value 1000 copper
Weight 3 kilograms
Effects: WhiteGem.png The skull can be used to record what it sees and hears: it can store up to 1 hour of recording data. If a section of data is recorded over, that old data is forever lost. Turning on the record function is a lesser action.
WhiteGem.png The skull can be used to display what it saw and heard: it renders a 1 cubic meter ghostly white hologram directly in front of itself, combined with a somewhat breathy and distorted soundtrack.
WhiteGem.png The user can make the skull skip to a specific point in its data (specified in terms of time) as a lesser action.