Void plate

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Void Plate.png
Void Plate
Magic Armor
This is clothing made of dull metal sheets, with three gem sockets at the neck.
Value 35000 copper
Weight 20 kilograms
-1 AD, -1 Stealth, -2 Agility, -2 Legerdemain
Effects: Black Gem.png AnimatedCerulean.png The Void Plate annihilates everything it touches, except on the bottoms of the feet (you are granted total cover by the plate). However, for every 1000 kilograms annihilated in this way, it takes a wound. The Void Plate repels air and water, however, keeping the plate from being the obvious center of a maelstrom in those media. Being knocked prone causes the wearer to fall through the ground as though it were so much nothing until the armor breaks, which is generally 10 or fewer meters per wound, at which point the wearer takes fall damage.
Black Gem.png AnimatedCerulean.png Your Unarmed base damage becomes 1d6+2 Void damage.
WhiteGem.png The Void Plate appears to be a normal suit of fullplate.
Special: While not powered by a Black gem, Void Plate counts as an obstacle for firing through, or total cover, attacker's choice. Its AD is the same as its wearer's, and it has 3 HP and 8 Toughness.