Euphio box

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Euphio Box.png
Euphio Box
Magic Device
This is a box with a single button on it.
Value 26000 copper
Weight 2 kilograms
Effects: Pink Gem.png When the button is pressed (a move action), the box plays unbelievably pleasing music for one hour or until the button is pressed again, whichever comes first. Any creature capable of clearly hearing the music (it can be heard from 200 meters) must make a DC 6 Will Save each round or become stunned by the music's sheer beauty. Creatures that have been successfully stunned are too happy to be brought out of this stunning trance for so long as they can still hear the music, no matter what happens to them. This happiness is a [ Joy ] effect.

A creature who has not yet been stunned by the music can take a move action on its turn to get a +2 bonus to the Will Save against the item for that round, by thinking hard about things that need to be done.