Crystal ball

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Crystal ball.png
Crystal Ball
Magic Device
This is a purple glass orb on a small wooden pedestal.
Value 22000 copper
Weight 3 kilograms
Effects: PurpleGem.png By thinking hard about a creature while grasping the orb and speaking their name, you can make the orb display what that creature sees. This is a standard action, and the creature gets a DC 6 Will save to resist: if a creature resists, the orb goes blank and becomes unusable for 24 hours. Regardless of whether the creature successfully saves, the creature can clearly identify the direction to the crystal ball, and knows that you are watching them.

You can only use the Crystal Ball to watch a creature you have met, and who has met you.

The crystal ball continues to display whatever creature it was set to watch until deactivated or set to a different target, as a standard action.