Gravity's bow

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Gravity bow.png
Gravity's Bow
Magic Weapon
This is a small bow covered with pink arrow symbols.
[ Muscle-Damage ], [ Piercing ]
Value 300 copper
Weight 1 kilogram
Damage: 1d6-1 Physical
Range: 30m/80m
Handedness: Firing and reloading both require two hands.
Ammunition: Twenty arrows weigh 1 kilogram, and are worth 1 copper
Effects: Pink Gem.png When the Gravity's Bow would inflict a wound on a creature, it instead severs that creature's connection with gravity for a round. Multiple wounds are cumulative. Without gravity, when the creature attempts to jump or step off of something, it finds itself drifting through the air in a continuous direction: effectively that creature can drift in any direction a distance equal to the speed of the movement action it took to drift, and drifts the same distance every round thereafter until colliding with something.