Portable hole

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Portable Hole.png
Portable Hole
Magic Device
This is a silky purple cloth circle, with a sticky fringe.
Value 12000 copper
Weight 0.2 kilograms
Effects: PurpleGem.png When stretched flat over a solid surface as a standard action, all but the fringe disappears, replaced by an extradimensional tunnel to the first large enough flat surface in a straight line from the portable hole, perpendicular to its surface. The extradimensional tunnel is as long as the straight line path was when the tunnel was created, and does not change if one or both of the surfaces are moved. The fringe becomes simultaneously extant at that location, and may be picked up from either end. Picking up the portable hole or destroying the surface it is on dispels the extradimensional tunnel.

No extradimensional space is created if the tunnel would be more than 100 lightyears long.

The portable hole has a Volume Ratio of 1 per every 5 meters of depth, rounded down.