Bounceback ballista

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Bounceback Ballista.png
Bounceback Ballista
Magic Weapon
This is a ballista emblazoned with pink chevrons pointing backwards.
[ Heavy ], [ Piercing ]
Value 1600 copper
Weight 400 kilograms
Damage: 1d6+5 Physical
Demolition: 4
Range: 90m/350m
Incremental Reload: 90 kilograms.
Handedness: Reloading requires two hands.
Ammunition: One bolt weighs 10 kilograms, and is worth 5 copper
Effects: Pink Gem.png The Bounceback Ballista can attack the GD of a target weighing less than 1000 kilograms to fling it directly towards the ballista a distance of 100 meters. When used for this attack, it deals no damage other than damage caused by the fling itself.
Special: The Bounceback Ballista's Accuracy is always +2, independent of the user.