Brain extractor

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Brain Extractor.png
Brain Extractor
Magic Device
This collection of leather strips with many thin spikes on them looks perfect for wrapping a brain with.
Value 1000 copper
Weight 1 kilogram
Chakra: Brain
Effects: Viridian.png If a dead creature's brain is wrapped in this item (a standard action) no more than 4 rounds after death, the brain is preserved for later implantation, bringing the soul with it. It can be transferred to the skull of a non-dead creature of the same race or species (which takes 5 minutes of concentration during which time the creature must not ever be out of reach), killing the soul and mind of that creature and implanting the wrapped brain: classes, skills, specialties, memory, and personality of the invading brain are used instead of the host body's, but all other attributes are derived from the body.