Metempsychotic sickle

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Metempsychotic Sickle.png
Metempsychotic Sickle
Magic Weapon
This is an implement for severing creature's souls from their lifeless bodies.
[ Muscle-Damage ]
Value 400 copper
Weight 2 kilograms
Damage: 1d6 Physical
Handedness: Can only be used one-handed.
Effects: When you successfully use the Sickle to disarm, you may be holding the disarmed item if you have free hands.
Pink Gem.png When you kill a creature with the Metempsychotic Sickle, their soul is immediately transferred to the body of the nearest creature with a partially formed soul, replacing that soul. This does prevent effects like raise dead from restoring the creature, until the creature's new body is killed: then, either one of the bodies may be raised, but not both.