Thunder maul

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Thunder Maul.png
Thunder Maul
Magic Weapon
This is a large short-handled hammer with a lightning bolt motif.
[ Muscle-Damage ], [ Heavy ], [ Thrown ]
Value 400 copper
Weight 5 kilograms
Damage: 1d6+1 Physical
Demolition: +1
Handedness: The Thunder Maul can be wielded in one hand, or two hands for +1 Damage.
Effects: AnimatedCerulean.png When the thunder maul is thrown, it releases a thunderclap and lightning that attacks all creatures and unattended objects in a 2 meter spray around the point of impact for 1d6 Electricity damage, flinging away hit targets 1 meter. This spray is [ Magic-Damage ] and [ Muscle-Area ], not [ Muscle-Damage ].
PurpleGem.png When the thunder maul is thrown, after the attack is resolved, it teleports back into the thrower's hands.