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Magic Weapon
This crossbow is lacking some necessary parts, like a place to put the bolt. It can be strapped onto an arm.
[ Magic-Damage ], [ Piercing ]
Value 300 copper
Weight 1 kilogram
Damage: 1d6+2 Physical
Range: 70m/200m
Reload Time: No Action
Handedness: The Boneshooter must be strapped to one arm; using it during a round prevents you from using whatever is in that hand, and vice-versa.
Ammunition: None
Effects: WhiteGem.png The Boneshooter grows and propels the wielder's arm bones. This inflicts a wound on the wielder every time it is fired. You cannot use the Boneshooter unless you are [ Bony ].
Special: The Boneshooter cannot be fired without a white gem.