Illusory armor

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Illusory Armor.png
Illusory Armor
Magic Armor
This full body robe of chainmail is made of intricately carved bone rings.
Value 4000 copper
Weight 15 kilograms
Chakra: Heart
-1 Stealth, -2 Agility, -2 Legerdemain
Effects: WhiteGem.png You may begin generating bright light in the directions of your choice out to up to 20 meters or disable this as a Lesser action.
WhiteGem.png You may disguise yourself with a Decent disguise as a Move action.
Special: Illusory Armor counts as an obstacle for firing through, or total cover, attacker's choice. Its AD is the same as its wearer's, and it has 1 HP and 8 Toughness.