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Magic Weapon
This purple sword is almost more like a giant scalpel.
[ Muscle-Damage ]
Value 500 copper
Weight 2 kilograms
Damage: 1d6 Physical
Handedness: The Mindslicer can be wielded in one hand, or two hands for +1 Damage.
Effects: PurpleGem.png The blade of the Mindslicer turns purple and translucent. It deals Mind damage rather than Physical damage. Instead of inflicting wounds, the blade erases one minute of the victim's memory for every wound it would have inflicted, starting with the most recent unerased memories.
This does not erase emotional memory, however, so even if they no longer remember why, they are still likely to feel extreme antipathy of some sort towards you.
Special: The Mindslicer may be used as a Piercing weapon.