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Magic Weapon
This is a big bow on a stick with a mechanism for drawing back the extra-strong wire. At the front end, there is a small, tiltable purple ring.
[ Heavy ], [ Piercing ], [ Trigger Grip ]
Value 3500 copper
Weight 4 kilograms
Damage: 1d6+2 Physical
Demolition: 1
Range: 85m/250m
Incremental Reload: 40 kilograms
Handedness: Reloading requires two hands. Firing also requires two hands while powered.
Ammunition: Ten bolts weigh 1 kilogram, and are worth 1 copper
Effects: PurpleGem.png The Warpbalest creates a tiny portal from the purple ring to whatever surface it is aimed at within 300 meters. In combination with the tilting ability of the ring, this allows the user to effectively fire and see from any visible surface within 300 meters, easily avoiding range, cover, and concealment problems, or even shooting targets they couldn't possibly shoot otherwise. However, using the Warpbalest is quite awkward, giving all attacks made through the portal a -1 penalty to Accuracy.
While the Warpbalest allows you to see from distant locations, it can only be used in this way once per attack.