Reactive armor

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Reactive Armor.png
Reactive Armor
Magic Armor
This full plate armor seems to be made out of hardened explosions. The fact is, they're not hardened, they're frozen in time. Small amounts of explosion unfreeze when struck, softening the blow.
Value 9000 copper
Weight 30 kilograms
Chakra: Heart
-1 AD, -1 Stealth, -2 Agility, -2 Legerdemain
Effects: OrangeGem.png All attacks against AD that deal damage get a -2 penalty to damage against you.
OrangeGem.png Creatures that attack your GD and hit take 1d6+1 Heat damage if they're within 5 meters.
Special: Removing the Orange Gem from the Reactive Armor makes it explode, attacking all creatures and unattended objects within a 20 meter blast for 1d6+3 Heat damage, with an Accuracy of +3. The attack hits you automatically. The explosion is audible from 1000 meters away.