Cataclysm staff

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Cataclysm Staff.png
Cataclysm Staff
Magic Device
This staff is covered with intricate images of fire, and has an intimidating claw at its base.
[ Magic-Damage ]
Value 33000 copper
Weight 2 kilograms
Effects: OrangeGem.png The staff can be plunged into the ground as a standard action. It immediately releases a thunderous boom which can be heard from 3 kilometers away. Five rounds later, the sky above the staff for 1 kilometer around begins to release a heavy rain of fire. On that round and every later round, everything that is outside and beneath the sky area takes 1d6-1 Heat damage, and is lit on fire on a successful wound.
As a standard action, anyone can remove the staff from the ground, ending the rain of fire and the corresponding Heat damage.