Bubble blaster

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Bubble Blaster.png
Bubble Blaster
Magic Weapon
This is a hoop at the end of a stick handle, with a button on the handle
[ Magic-Damage ], [ Heavy ]
Value 300 copper
Weight 5 kilograms
Damage: 1d6+1 Noise
Range: 100m
Handedness: Firing requires one hand.
Effects: The Bubble Blaster cannot fire while unpowered.
AnimatedCerulean.png When the Bubble Blaster attacks, choose a 90 degree cone: it releases a 0.5 meter wide bubble in a random direction in that cone. When the bubble collides with an object or travels 100 meters, it explodes, making a Normal Attack against all creatures and unattended objects in an 8 meter blast. The explosion is audible from 300 meters away.