Nothingness armor

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Nothingness Armor
Magic Armor
This armor is made of portals, such that things pass by the wearer harmlessly, except for the eye slit, gauntlets, and boots. When unpowered, it seems to be just a fancy but impractical suit of full plate.
Value 32000 copper
Weight 35 kilograms
Chakra: Heart
-1 AD, -1 Stealth, -2 Agility, -2 Legerdemain
Effects: PurpleGem.png The portals activate, becoming full-body entry points to a body-shaped extradimensional space, with walls only for the behind-the-eyes area, and the hands and feet. This gives +2 AD, and makes it so you can only be seen from a quarter of the normal distance. However, a tendency to fall through the floor when not standing means that the stand up action becomes a standard action for you.

Nothingness Armor has a Volume Ratio of 0.

Special: While the portals are inactive, Nothingness Armor counts as an obstacle for firing through, or total cover, attacker's choice. Its AD is the same as its wearer's, and it has 3 HP and 8 Toughness.