Earthball bomb

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Earthball Bomb
Magic Weapon
[ Heavy ], [ Grenade ]
Value 10 copper
Weight 1/3 kilograms
Range: 5m/10m
Handedness: Can only be used one-handed.
Effects: Viridian.png After it is thrown, the Earthball Bomb detonates, filling a 5 meter spray with dirt. Creatures in the blast when it is thrown may take an immediate action to attempt a DC 3 Agility check; if successful, the creature may move one-quarter of one of its non-Run speeds. The dirt is sturdy enough that if undamaged, characters cannot easily leave the area by walking away from the center of the spray. The Earthball Bomb is destroyed upon detonation, but the gem is unharmed. The detonation is audible from 300 meters away.