Puppeteer's gauntlet

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Puppeteer's gauntlet.png
Puppeteer's Gauntlet
Magic Weapon
This steel gauntlet is covered with bone spikes and is, oddly, fingerless.
Value 12000 copper
Weight 1 kilogram
Effects: WhiteGem.png You can perform unarmed Shove and Trip attacks with the gauntleted hand from up to 20 meters away. Only [ Bony ] creatures may be targeted. The Shove attack may fling the target in any direction, not just directly away from you.
WhiteGem.png You can make a dead [ Bony ] creature move up to 25 meters as a move action, if it is within 20 meters. If the wounds are not too obvious, you may attempt to convince observers that the corpse is still alive with a legerdemain check. You cannot make the corpse speak.