Time boulder

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Time Boulder
Magic Weapon
This is a glass sphere filled with complicated clockworks
Value 300 copper
Weight 100 kilograms
Damage: 1d6 Physical
Range: *
Effects: OrangeGem.png When the Time Boulder is hit with a non-piercing attack, if its time is not already stopped and it is not currently in flight, it stops its own time for 1 round. During this time, each point of non-piercing damage dealt to it adds 1 to its "momentum" rather than causing any harm to the object, with the amount of "momentum" added being doubled for every 2 Demolition.
After 1 round has passed, it travels in a straight line a number of meters equal to its Momentum, making a normal attack with a +0 bonus against each creature or unattended object in its path. It deals +2 damage and +1 Demolition if it had at least 5 Momentum, and another +2 damage and +1 Demolition for every doubling of that.
The direction in which the Time Boulder travels is directly away from the source that dealt it the most damage.