Claw bracelet

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Claw Bracelet.png
Claw Bracelet
Magic Weapon
This is a set of teeth on a string.
[ Muscle-Damage ]
Value 120 copper
Weight 0.25 kilograms
Damage: 1d6 Physical
Handedness: Claw bracelets can only be wielded one-handed.
Effects: The claw bracelet cannot be used unpowered.
Viridian.png Your hand sprouts vicious claws that drip with venom. Any creature that is wounded by a claw attack takes 1d6-1 Disease damage at the end of its next turn. Magic Power applies to this damage, not Muscle.
Special: Claw bracelets may be used as Piercing weapons. You cannot be disarmed of a claw bracelet, but dropping it is a move action.