Friendship bracelet attunement device

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Friendship Bracelet Attunement Device
Magic Device
This is a circular dais with a ring-shaped indentation.
Value 12000 copper
Weight 500 kilograms
Effects: Pink Gem.png Normal, nonmagical bracelets placed on the center of the dais become Friendship Bracelets, part of this device's Network. The Friendship Bracelet Attunement Device can attune one bracelet per minute. Attuned bracelets are bound to the Device for the purposes of effects like trace bindings and unbinding.
Pink Gem.png Wearers of Friendship Bracelets in this device's Network cannot feel ill will towards other creatures who are wearing powered Friendship Bracelets from this device's Network. Nothing can cause a wearer to take an action that it believes would cause harm to such a creature.