Soul jar

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Soul Jar.png
Soul Jar
Magic Weapon
This pink-glazed pottery is decorated with mesmerizing geometric shapes.
[ Magic-Damage ]
Value 14000 copper
Weight 1 kilogram
Effects: Pink Gem.png You can use a Heavy melee attack against GD for 1d6 Mind damage. If it would wound, the victim's soul is placed in this jar instead.
Pink Gem.png Spells with specific creature targets can target the soul of a creature in this jar in order to affect the creature itself.
Pink Gem.png Souls in the jar can be removed, and either allowed to snap back into their owners' bodies, or eaten.
Special: Each soul in the jar weighs 2 kilograms and mumbles to itself, making the jar audible at a distance of 5 meters per soul. Creatures whose souls are in this jar can continue to act normally.