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Monsters are a special type of creature that don't use the normal character building rules. If a monster lists a statistic, that replaces the normal value.

Monsters can be given additional Extras as desired.

Partially or fully organic monsters can be given up to 3 Augments or Genomorphs per tier, up to their tier, at the same price as for normal characters. This is in addition to the Advancements listed, unless the monster specifies that it can receive classes.

See also: Trap Monsters.

RC Car

RC Car.jpg

An RC Car is a very small vehicle with four wheels. It only has one "hand", a grabbing claw projecting from its back.

With the Advanced AI technology, the RC Car is about as smart as a dog.

RC Car
Common   —   1 points
AD  3     GD 3     Will 0     HP  1     Toughness 2
Muscle -4     Accuracy  0     Save DC 4     Magic Power -2
Stealth 0     Perception 0     Agility 0
Descriptors  [ Machine ]
Movement  12 meter land speed with 0.5 meter jump. 5 meter sink distance.
Size  0.25 meters     Reach 0.25 meters
Carrying Capacity 0.625 kilograms      Weight 1 Kilogram
Extras  Small

RC Cars can be controlled by a two-handed handheld radio controller with built-in two-way video and audio capacity, at a distance of up to 50 meters, or they can have an active wireless and be controlled directly that way.


Turbocharged (2 points): The RC Car gets +12 meters to land speed and one Basic Specialty.

Combat Ready (2 points): The RC Car gets +1 Toughness and +1 AD. It gains one Basic Specialty.

Bug (0 points): Instead of wheels, the RC Car has legs. This reduces its land speed by 33% but quadruples its jump distance.

Boat (0 points): Instead of wheels, the RC Car is a submarine. This removes its land speed, but gives it a 12 meter swim speed with 0 meter sink distance.

Helicopter (6 points): The RC Car has a gyroscopically stabilized rotor. This gives it a fly speed of 10 meters, with a 0.5 meter aerobatics distance. It gains three Basic Specialties.

Self-Rearranging Furniture

Ominous Fridge.png

Self-rearranging furniture is furniture with motorized legs.

Self-rearranging furniture requires the Advanced AI technology.

Self-Rearranging Furniture
Common   —   1 points
AD  3     GD 3     Will 0     HP  2     Toughness 5
Muscle 0     Accuracy  -2     Save DC 3     Magic Power 0
Stealth 0     Perception 0     Agility 1
Descriptors  [ Machine ]
Movement  6 meter land speed with 0.5 meter jump. 5 meter sink distance.
Size  1 meter     Reach 1 meter
Carrying Capacity 10 kilograms      Weight 10 Kilograms
Extras  Quick

Self-rearranging furniture has no hands, but it can make Heavy Unarmed attacks for 1d6+1 Physical damage. Self-rearranging furniture obeys voice commands given by any character whose voice it has been told to recognize.


Extra Large (2 points + Extra): The furniture is something like a couch or refrigerator. It gets the Big Extra, for the normal price. It's bulky enough to serve as total cover for things immediately behind it. If it successfully hits with an unarmed attack, it may fall Prone to make the attack deal +2 damage.

Botnet and Hiveputer

Both the Botnet and the Hiveputer are Regiments of computers with a hacking bonus of +0 that do coordinated hacks by request. The difference between them is that a hiveputer is a bunch of personal computers wired up for this purpose, while the botnet is a much larger collection of computers used by other people that devote a very small amount of resources to this purpose.

A Hiveputer is destroyed by simply finding the collection of computers and blowing them up.

A Botnet is destroyed by people running virus checkers. 2d6% of the botnet is lost per week.

It costs 15 points for every 10 hacker's-worth of computers in a Hiveputer, or 25 points for every 10 hacker's-worth for a Botnet.

Nanobot Cloud

Nanobot Cloud.png

A Nanobot Cloud is an amorphous cloud of flying nanobots. It can functionally manifest up to 3 hands at a time.

Nanobot clouds require the Coordinated Nanotechnology technology.

Nanobot Cloud
Elite   —   35 points
AD  4     GD 5     Will 1     HP  2     Toughness 5
Muscle 0     Accuracy  2     Save DC 4     Magic Power 0     Hacking 3
Stealth 2     Perception 0     Agility 1
Descriptors  [ Machine ]
Movement  25 meter fly speed with 1 meter aerobatics distance.
Size  0.25 to 5 meters     Reach 1 meter
Carrying Capacity 10 kilograms      Weight 50 Kilograms
Basic Specialties  Physical Evasion, Stubborn, Offensive, Sturdy, Hacker
Advanced Specialties  Aggressive, Stealthy, Sturdy, Hacker
Extras  Quick

The nanobot cloud has a wireless connection that cannot be turned off.

It has auditory and TEMPEST senses, but no visual one.

Its incredible amorphousness makes it immune to the Grappled condition, and it can change its size from anywhere between 0.25 to 5 meters whenever it takes a non-lesser action.

Nanobot clouds are moderately smart, and eat gasoline.


Charged Cloud (5 points): The Nanobot Cloud gains 1 Power Regeneration and an Advanced Specialty.

Biosculpted Killbeast

Biosculpted Killbeast.png

Built out of ordinary cells of extinct species, these bioprinted creatures come fully formed with intelligent minds that have been designed to seek to serve their buyer. In order to mollify the environmental crowd and win subsidies, biosculpted killbeasts produce offspring to revive no longer extant species such as dodos, pandas, thylacines, and mosquitoes. Biosculpted killbeasts have some variety in appearance, although they are all lithe and quadrupedal, and their fur, scales, or bony plates are typically printed in the company colors of their purchaser, usually with the logo appearing at least once.

Biosculpted killbeasts are quite smart and can speak. They require the bioprinting technology.

Biosculpted Killbeast
Paragon   —   67 points
AD  5     GD 4     Will 1     HP  2     Toughness 5
Muscle 3     Accuracy  1     Save DC 5     Hacking 0
Stealth 3     Perception 2     Agility 4
Descriptors  [ Blooded ], [ Bony ], [ Living ]
Movement  70 meter land speed with 12 meter jump. 60 meter swim speed with 5 meter sink.
Size  2 meters     Reach 1.5 meters
Carrying Capacity 80 kilograms      Weight 500 Kilograms
Basic Specialties  Slippery Wit, Physical Evasion, Offensive, Well-Rounded, Brutal
Advanced Specialties  Avoider, Stealthy 2, Perceptive, Sturdy
Extras  Big

The biosculpted killbeast can use its two front paws as hands, except while jumping more than 3 meters or running.

The biosculpted killbeast's unarmed attacks deal 1d6+4 damage (Muscle included). Its Scent sense has a base range of 60 meters.


Internal Bioprinter (20 points): The killbeast can heal 1 HP as a lesser action. Once it has used this ability, it can't use it again until it successfully wounds a [ Living ] creature or corpse with an unarmed attack. The biosculpted killbeast gets an Advanced Specialty.

Insidious Voice (20 points): The killbeast is trained to unnerve. Once per round as a lesser action, it can force one creature that can hear it to make a Will save or get -1 to Will for the next 15 minutes. The biosculpted killbeast gets an Advanced Specialty.



Meat-Mechs harness the impressive potential of muscle power for robotic use. This eight meter tall mostly humanoid robot has no non-organic motors.

Meat-Mechs are quite smart. They require the Advanced AI and Genetic Programming technologies.

Paragon   —   147 points
AD  3     GD 8     Will 0     HP  3     Toughness 7
Muscle 9     Accuracy  1     Save DC 4     Hacking 0
Stealth 0     Perception 2     Agility -4
Descriptors  [ Blooded ], [ Machine ]
Movement  40 meter land speed with 20 meter jump. 30 meter swim speed with 5 meter sink.
Size  4 meters     Reach 2.25 meters
Carrying Capacity 5120 kilograms      Weight 4000 Kilograms
Power Storage  10     Power Regeneration 2
Basic Specialties  Ungrabbable, Defensive, Offensive, Sturdy, Brutal
Advanced Specialties  Avoider, Ungrabbable 2, Aggressive 2, Perceptive, Sturdy 2
Extras  Big 2

The Meat-Mech cannot hear, but has a TEMPEST sense.

The pumps keeping the Meat-Mech's muscles running at peak capacity make a constant hum audible from 100 meters away. They can be turned on or off with 2 rounds of concentration, but when not on the Meat-Mech gets -5 to Muscle.


Muscle Cannon (200 points): The Meat-Mech gains a Heavy Muscle-Damage muscle cannon down the center of its torso, which launches 150 kilogram shells with 128 kilogram warheads. It has a range of 100m/300m/2000m, deals 1d6+5 Physical damage (Muscle included), has 9 Demolition (Muscle included), and detonates on impact. The Meat-Mech gets an Advanced Specialty.