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Groups of 5 or more identical creatures can form Regiments. Every creature in the Regiment may choose to act simultaneously, taking the same actions when so desired. If any of them Delay, all of them must Delay, but they don't all have to Delay with the same actions. They can only make three sets of attacks per round; once they have made three groups of attacks, they cannot make any more attacks until the beginning of their next turn.

Rapid Rolling

When making 10 or more attacks, making 10 or more skill, agility, strongman, or hacking checks, or an enemy is targeting 10 or more members of the regiment with area of effect attacks, the roller must use one of the two following roll-acceleration techniques:

Average Distribution

Take the largest whole multiple of 10 that's less than or equal to the number of dice being rolled, and for every 10 such dice, treat their die rolls as one each of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, applying automatic failure on a 1, critical hits, and 10 counting as 15 as appropriate. Roll the remaining dice normally.

Quintuple or Nothing

Take the largest whole multiple of 5 that's less than or equal to the number of dice being rolled, and for every 5 such dice, roll one die and treat it as the result for all five of those dice. Critical hits are rolled individually. Roll the remaining dice normally.

Simplified Knockouts

Members of a regiment are not so fanatical that they keep wanting to fight to the death after taking serious injury. A regiment creature that's reduced to 0 or less HP is out of the battle.

If the creatures have multiple HP, and they take wounds that wouldn't reduce them to 0 HP, those wounds are stored by the regiment itself, rather than those particular members. Every time the regiment's wound total reaches the HP of a member, the most recently damaged member collapses and the regiment's wound total is reduced by that much.

Shared Fear

When multiple members of a regiment are subjected to the same Will Save, roll one save for all of those members.

A regiment being reduced to three-fifths its original size is Frightening 5 for the whole regiment, and being reduced to one-fifth its original size is Frightening 9.

Strength in Numbers

The regiment gets additional bonuses based on its size:

Table: Regiment Group Benefits

Minimum Member
5 +1 bonus to Will Saves
10 When they Pay Attention, another +1 to Perception