Technologies (Cybergems)

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Technologies are especially advanced elements, possibly not even discovered yet, in the high-tech worlds of Cybergems. Your DM may specify some Technologies as being common to this Cybergems world, in which case you can buy or craft them freely, while other Technologies may be completely unknown, or secret information held only by a few. Perhaps there will be megacorporations or countries that have exclusive access to technologies; maybe the players get to choose a technology to have a monopoly on. Either way, the data that comprises a technology has to be stored somewhere, which means it can be stolen.

If you have items that require a Technology, you may use them as crafting materials for making other items that use that Technology, even if you don't have full access to the Technology yourself.

Advanced Neural Interfaces: This covers the bioport devices.

Advanced AI: This covers particularly intelligent AIs.

Miniaturized Fission: This covers small nuclear equipment.

Coordinated Nanotechnology: This covers nanobots that can be controlled.

Genetic Programming: This covers genetic engineering without significant randomness.

Bioprinting: This covers scanning and printing complex body parts, like eyes and brains.

Directed Sound: This covers devices that project sound in limited directions.

Military Vehicles: This covers the production, maintenance, and practicalities of large-scale military hardware.