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Meat-Mechs harness the impressive potential of muscle power for robotic use. This eight meter tall mostly humanoid robot has no non-organic motors.

Meat-Mechs are quite smart. They require the Advanced AI and Genetic Programming technologies.

Paragon   —   147 points
AD  3     GD 8     Will 0     HP  3     Toughness 7
Muscle 9     Accuracy  1     Save DC 4     Hacking 0
Stealth 0     Perception 2     Agility -4
Descriptors  [ Blooded ], [ Machine ]
Movement  40 meter land speed with 20 meter jump. 30 meter swim speed with 5 meter sink.
Size  4 meters     Reach 2.25 meters
Carrying Capacity 5120 kilograms      Weight 4000 Kilograms
Power Storage  10     Power Regeneration 2
Basic Specialties  Ungrabbable, Defensive, Offensive, Sturdy, Brutal
Advanced Specialties  Avoider, Ungrabbable 2, Aggressive 2, Perceptive, Sturdy 2
Extras  Big 2

The Meat-Mech cannot hear, but has a TEMPEST sense.

The pumps keeping the Meat-Mech's muscles running at peak capacity make a constant hum audible from 100 meters away. They can be turned on or off with 2 rounds of concentration, but when not on the Meat-Mech gets -5 to Muscle.


Muscle Cannon (200 points): The Meat-Mech gains a Heavy Muscle-Damage muscle cannon down the center of its torso, which launches 150 kilogram shells with 128 kilogram warheads. It has a range of 100m/300m/2000m, deals 1d6+5 Physical damage (Muscle included), has 9 Demolition (Muscle included), and detonates on impact. The Meat-Mech gets an Advanced Specialty.