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A fractalence is an ever-shifting mass of colorful edges and lines, that on closer inspection have infinitely detailed waves and curves in them.

Fractalences are moderately smart, and can speak.

Paragon   —   98 points
AD  6     GD 5     Will 1     HP  2     Toughness 4
Muscle 0     Accuracy  0     Save DC 4     Magic Power 3
Stealth 4     Perception 1     Agility 6
Descriptors  [ Machine ], [ Angel ], [ Black ]
Movement  26 meter swim speed with 0 meter sink. 26 meter fly speed with 6 meter aerobatics.
Size  4 meters     Reach 2.25 meters
Carrying Capacity 10 kilograms      Weight 2000 Kilograms
Basic Specialties  Physical Evasion, Stubborn, Offensive, Powerful, Sturdy
Advanced Specialties  Avoider 2, Aggressive 2, Stealthy 2, Super-Stealthy
Extras  Fast

The fractalence has an infinite number of hands, and its unarmed attacks deal 1d6+2 Void damage (Magic Power included, its Unarmed attacks are Magic-Damage rather than Muscle-Damage).

As a Standard action, the fractalence can hurtle through up to 200 meters of intervening objects and creatures, dealing 1d6+2 Void damage (Magic Power included) to anything it passes through. If it does not end its hurtle in an open space, it bounces back to the last open space it left during this travel, and takes 1d6+2 Void damage itself.

As a Standard action, the fractalence can merge into the scenery, becoming nearly undetectable as a Decent Disguise. While in this state, it can do nothing other than observe its surroundings, Pay Attention, Delay, and use a Standard action to unmerge and return to normal.


Void Star (40 points): As a Standard Action, the fractalence can project an Avatar for a creature in its party into any empty space within reach. The Avatar lasts until the fractalence projects an Avatar for a different creature, or the Avatar leaves the fractalence's sight for more than 1 continuous round. The fractalence gains two Advanced Specialties.

Bantar Claws (75 points): When the fractalence wounds a creature with a Heavy Unarmed attack, it may duplicate them as though it had hit the creature with a successful casting of the Division spell. The fractalence becomes Legend tier, gains an Advanced Specialty, and becomes [ Green ].