Biosculpted killbeast

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Biosculpted Killbeast

Biosculpted Killbeast.png

Built out of ordinary cells of extinct species, these bioprinted creatures come fully formed with intelligent minds that have been designed to seek to serve their buyer. In order to mollify the environmental crowd and win subsidies, biosculpted killbeasts produce offspring to revive no longer extant species such as dodos, pandas, thylacines, and mosquitoes. Biosculpted killbeasts have some variety in appearance, although they are all lithe and quadrupedal, and their fur, scales, or bony plates are typically printed in the company colors of their purchaser, usually with the logo appearing at least once.

Biosculpted killbeasts are quite smart and can speak. They require the bioprinting technology.

Biosculpted Killbeast
Paragon   —   67 points
AD  5     GD 4     Will 1     HP  2     Toughness 5
Muscle 3     Accuracy  1     Save DC 5     Hacking 0
Stealth 3     Perception 2     Agility 4
Descriptors  [ Blooded ], [ Bony ], [ Living ]
Movement  70 meter land speed with 12 meter jump. 60 meter swim speed with 5 meter sink.
Size  2 meters     Reach 1.5 meters
Carrying Capacity 80 kilograms      Weight 500 Kilograms
Basic Specialties  Slippery Wit, Physical Evasion, Offensive, Well-Rounded, Brutal
Advanced Specialties  Avoider, Stealthy 2, Perceptive, Sturdy
Extras  Big

The biosculpted killbeast can use its two front paws as hands, except while jumping more than 3 meters or running.

The biosculpted killbeast's unarmed attacks deal 1d6+4 damage (Muscle included). Its Scent sense has a base range of 60 meters.


Internal Bioprinter (20 points): The killbeast can heal 1 HP as a lesser action. Once it has used this ability, it can't use it again until it successfully wounds a [ Living ] creature or corpse with an unarmed attack. The biosculpted killbeast gets an Advanced Specialty.

Insidious Voice (20 points): The killbeast is trained to unnerve. Once per round as a lesser action, it can force one creature that can hear it to make a Will save or get -1 to Will for the next 15 minutes. The biosculpted killbeast gets an Advanced Specialty.