Spined hyena

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Spined Hyena

Spined Hyena.jpg

A spined hyena is a big toothy quadruped with a long row of spines down its back.

Spined hyenas are moderately smart, can speak in the voice of any creature they have heard in the past 24 hours, and know every language. They survive on an organic diet of half the normal size, but can only digest brains; thus, they are often found digging up the corpses of large-brained creatures.

Spined Hyena
Common   —   13 points
AD  5     GD 4     Will 1     HP  2     Toughness 4
Muscle 1     Accuracy  1     Save DC 4     Magic Power 0
Stealth 1     Perception 0     Agility 2
Descriptors  [ Blooded ], [ Bony ], [ Living ], [ Purple ]
Movement  30 meter land speed with 6 meter jump. 20 meter swim speed with 5 meter sink.
Size  1 meter     Reach 1 meter
Carrying Capacity 20 kilograms      Weight 70 Kilograms
Basic Specialties  Physical Evasion, Slippery Wit, Offensive, Brutal, Sturdy
Extras  Hopper

The spined hyena only has one "hand", its mouth, and deals 1d6+1 damage with unarmed attacks that use that hand (Muscle included).

The spines on its back can be plunged into any surface as a lesser action, and retracted as an immediate action, allowing it to potentially hang from ceilings in wait for prey.


If it gets either of the following advancements, the Spined Hyena becomes Elite tier.

Leucrota (10 points): The Spined Hyena gets +20 meters to its movement speeds. Its mouth widens to reach its ears, and it inflicts actual wounds when it grapples or disarms. It gains two Advanced Specialties.

Voice Suppression (5 points): Other creatures within twice the reach of the Spined Hyena cannot speak or make other vocalizations. It gains an Advanced Specialty.