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Rot Flower

Rot Flower.jpg

The rot flower is a disgusting-smelling flower, with a pinkish sort of decayed appearance. It can't make attacks at all, but it naturally attracts a cloud of flies which surround it and feast upon its fetid nectar.

Rot flowers are moderately intelligent, but can only speak Vine languages.

Rot Flower
Paragon   —   95 points
AD  1     GD 2     Will 2     HP  3     Toughness 8
Muscle 0     Accuracy  N/A     Save DC 4     Magic Power 3
Stealth 2     Perception 3     Agility 8
Descriptors  [ Blooded ], [ Living ]
Movement  None, and it can't gain any.
Size  1 meter     Reach 1 meter
Carrying Capacity 10 kilograms      Weight 60 kilograms
Basic Specialties  Slippery Wit, Stubborn, Offensive, Powerful, Sturdy
Advanced Specialties  Stealthy, Perceptive 2, Sturdy 2, Aggressive 2
Extras  Quick

The rot flower has four (1+Magic Power) clouds of flies, and can command one cloud to assault a particular target as a standard action: the flies travel at a rate of 50 meters per round, occupy a roughly 1 meter radius sphere, and make a +2 attack against GD to enter the target's body, where they inflict 1 wound per round for three rounds. Multiple sets of flies can stack this wound infliction inside a single target. The flies are essentially immune to single-target attacks, but any attack that deals at least 1 damage and targets every creature in the flies' area kills all the flies; the rot flower takes 10 minutes to accumulate a new swarm. The flies are unwilling to travel more than 500 meters away from their rot flower. Destroying the rot flower disbands its swarms of flies.

Rot flowers cannot see.


Corpse Infestation (20 points): When a cloud of flies kills a creature, it can choose to remain inside that creature in order to animate it as a skeleton, but guided telepathically by the rot flower, which can hear from the animated creature's location. The cloud remains inside the creature, and cannot be harmed until it leaves. It leaves when the creature is killed again or when the rot flower commands it to. After 1 round of animating a creature, if the skeleton causes you to go over your point limit, it deanimates. The rot flower gains an Advanced Specialty.

Bug Wind (20 points): As a move action, the rot flower can move all of its clouds of flies up to 75 meters. It must move all of its clouds the same distance and direction; clouds that cannot move that far stop at the first obstacle encountered. The rot flower gains an Advanced Specialty.