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Living Idea

Living Idea.png

The living idea has no physical form; rather, it is a thought that lives on in the mind of one creature at a time.

The living idea is quite intelligent, can speak, and knows every language. It does not need to eat.

Living Idea
Paragon   —   85 points
AD  4     GD 4     Will 4     HP  N/A     Toughness N/A
Accuracy  3     Save DC 7     Magic Power 1
Stealth 3     Perception 3     Agility 5
Descriptors  [ Living ], [ Purple ]
Movement  N/A
Size  N/A     Reach N/A
Weight N/A
Basic Specialties  Stubborn, Slippery Wit, Offensive, Well-Rounded, Powerful
Advanced Specialties  Determined 2, Aggressive 2, Stealthy 2, Perceptive 2
Extras  Quick

The living idea can perceive using that creature's senses, with its own Perception. Spells that force a Will Save may target the living idea instead of the host, if the caster so desires.

If the living idea's current host comes into contact with another creature (through an unarmed attack or a melee spell that requires an attack roll, for example), the living idea can use an immediate action to force the touched creature to make a Will save. If it fails the save, the living idea is transferred to that creature.

The living idea can choose to obscure, disguise, or fabricate all sensory data about one creature from the host, and changing which creature to obscure takes a standard action. Obscuring a creature consists of making that creature undetectable. Disguising a creature consists of changing its appearance (both visual and thermosympathetic), the sounds it makes, and its scent. Fabricating a creature consists of generating a false, potentially animated image of a creature in an unoccupied location, with sound and smell as well. Any of these falsehoods may be detected as though they were bluffs.

The living idea's current host can choose to give over control of its body to the living idea, by specifying an amount of time, from 1 to 15 minutes, in advance, as a standard action. During that time, the living idea's AD, GD, Accuracy, Stealth, Perception, Magic Power, Agility, and skills are used instead of the host's own, and the host acts on the living idea's turn, using the living idea's actions.

If the living idea remains in a dead host for one hour or more, it dies.


Voice of Insinuation (20 points): As a standard action, the Living Idea can force its host to spend a lesser action speaking a phrase of the Living Idea's choice. One creature who can hear this phrase of the Living Idea's choice must make a Will Save or have the Living Idea transfer into its mind. The Living Idea gains an Advanced Specialty.

Battlefield of the Mind (50 points): The Living Idea possesses a convex extradimensional space with no entry points, totaling 30000 cubic meters in volume. When the Living Idea would transfer itself to another host, it may instead force that new creature to teleport into the extradimensional space: the creature chooses where in the space it arrives. Any creature in this extradimensional space can teleport to an open region within 2 meters of the Living Idea's host by taking a standard action to think and succeed on a Will Save with +2 to the DC. A creature that escapes the extradimensional space in this way can't be forced back into it for 24 hours.

The Living Idea detects everything inside its extradimensional space, but cannot transfer itself to the mind of a creature in the space. If there are no creatures inside its extradimensional space, it may reshape the space with 24 hours of concentration.
The Living Idea gains two Advanced Specialties.