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A JarBrain is a human brain in a jar, grown that way in vitro.

JarBrains require the Advanced Neural Interfaces and Genetic Programming technologies.

Base Stats
Common   —   9 points
AD  3     GD 3     Will 2     HP  1     Toughness 4
Muscle -6     Accuracy  0     Save DC 4     Hacking 0
Stealth 0     Perception 0     Agility 0
Descriptors  [ Blooded ], [ Living ]
Movement  None, and it can't gain any. -3 meter sink distance.
Size  0.25 meters     Reach None
Carrying Capacity 0.15625 kilograms      Weight 2 Kilograms
Race  JarBrain
Classes  Bioport
Basic Specialties  Stubborn
Skills  Insight -2

The JarBrain has no hands, and communicates with the outside world only through a Bioport. Having grown up with muscle control and sensory processing brain centers connected directly to the internet and/or a vehicle, each JarBrain gets either +1 to Hacking, a +1 to the GD of any vehicle they drive, or +1 to Perception with a sense other than visual or auditory.

Forbidden Options

The JarBrain cannot gain augments or genomorphs other than radar vision, acid blood, water adaptation, thermophile, TEMPEST vision, reactor, neural regulator, acid spit, body electric, deathfrenzy spine, recoil compensator, integrated optics, bioelectric generator, and sonar adaptation.