Bioelectric generator

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Bioelectric Generator 2.png
Bioelectric Generator
Paragon Tier Genomorph
Prerequisites  Body Electric
Technologies  Genetic Programming
♦ You gain a TEMPEST sense. While active, you glow like a torch. Activating or deactivating the sense is a lesser action. If you already had this ability, your TEMPEST sense's base range increases by 30 meters.
♦ You gain +1 Power Regeneration and +2 Power Storage.
♦ You gain a Muscle-Damage Shock Bolt weapon, with a range of 20m/40m, that deals 1d6 Electricity damage and stuns any creature it wounds for 1 round. Firing the Shock Bolt costs 1 Power per attack. If you already had this ability, its range increases by 30m/60m.
Special: This class may be taken multiple times.