Island turtle

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Island Turtle

Island turtle.jpg

This floating reptile is approximately the size of a small island.

Island turtles are moderately smart, can speak, and know every language.

Island Turtle
Legend   —   516 points
AD  0     GD 5     Will 4     HP  4     Toughness 11
Muscle 14     Accuracy  1     Save DC 8     Magic Power 0
Stealth -2     Perception 0     Agility -11
Descriptors  [ Blooded ], [ Bony ], [ Living ], [ Purple ]
Movement  17 meter land speed with 5 meter jump. 67 meter teleport speed. 42 meter swim speed with -7 meter sink.
Size  64 meters     Reach 11.39 meters
Carrying Capacity 163840 kilograms      Weight 23600000 Kilograms
Basic Specialties  Physical Evasion, Slippery Wit, Offensive, Sturdy, Brutal
Advanced Specialties  Determined 3, Aggressive 2, Sturdy 3, Super-Aggressive, Super-Sturdy
Extras  Big 4

The island turtle has one "hand", its beak, and deals 1d6+15 damage with unarmed attacks (Muscle included).

The size of the island turtle is partially derived from magics that prevent it from being affected by resize creature.

Pits and craters in its shell are ideal for the growth of dirt; by tucking its head and limbs into its shell as a move action, it can disguise itself as an island (a floating one, when viewed from underwater) with a Decent Disguise. It can't move, attack, or see until it pokes its head and limbs out again as another move action.

Creatures that touch the island turtle or objects on it must succeed on a Will Save or perceive whatever the island turtle wants them to until they stop touching the island turtle or any objects on it. The island turtle cannot make a creature perceive something neither the turtle nor the creature can imagine. If the island turtle attempts to abruptly change a creature's experience (to make its allies look like its enemies, for example), the sudden shift in perception stuns the creature for 1 round. Creatures only need to make at most one save against this effect per round, no matter how many times the island turtle touches and stops touching them.


Fold Space (50 points): With two rounds of concentration, the Island Turtle can teleport to a place it has been to before. While concentrating in this way, voices can be heard at the target location from up to 300 meters away, speaking "it comes!" in dozens of languages. The Island Turtle also gets +25 meters to teleport speed. The Island Turtle gains an Advanced Specialty.

Voice of Banishing (50 points): As a standard action, the Island Turtle can speak a word which forces all creatures who can hear it within 300 meters to make a Will Save or be teleported 75 meters directly away from the Island Turtle. The Island Turtle gains an Advanced Specialty.