Gravity Spirit

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Gravity Spirit

The World-Crusher

The World-Crusher.jpg

A perfect sphere of darkness, the gravity spirit wanders the world steadily. It has no hands.

The gravity spirit is quite smart, and can speak and understand the currently most common language. It survives on a diet of bones.

The World-Crusher
Supreme   —   40000 points
AD  19     GD 19     Will 16     HP  5     Toughness 16
Muscle 4     Accuracy  8     Save DC 12     Magic Power 0
Stealth 10     Perception 10     Agility 6
Descriptors  [ Machine ]
Movement  1000 meter fly speed with 20 meter aerobatics distance.
Size  1 meter     Reach 1 meter
Carrying Capacity 160 kilograms      Weight 10000000 Kilograms
Basic Specialties  Physical Evasion 4, Slippery Wit 4, Stubborn 4, Offensive 4, Sturdy 4
Advanced Specialties  Avoider 8, Ungrabbable 8, Determined 8, Aggressive 8, Stealthy 8, Perceptive 8, Sturdy 12
Skills  Insight +13 (8192 skill points), Items +12 (7808 skill points)

As a standard action, the World-Crusher can fling any number of target creatures or objects towards itself. The distance flung depends on the distance to each creature or object: 256 meters if 20 meters or less away, 64 meters if 21-40 meters, 16 meters if 41-80 meters, 4 meters if 81-160 meters away. Creatures and objects which collide with the gravity spirit are crushed, taking 1d6+7 Physical damage (Muscle included). On a successful wound, the target is stuck to the gravity spirit, paralyzing it and deals 1d6+7 Physical damage to it per round (Muscle included) until the gravity spirit is killed.

The gravity spirit has a Gravitic Throw weapon, which has a range of 200m/600m, attacks GD, and flings the target 3d6×5 meters in any direction on a successful hit.

Defeat: When the gravity spirit is reduced to -4 HP or less, it is utterly destroyed, and things no longer fall, much as if they had been hit by a gravity's bow. This, incidentally, causes the sun to explode.