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Each Common tier class grants a Basic Specialty. Each higher-tier class grants two Advanced Specialties. If you already got a Specialty from a class of some tier, no other classes of that tier may grant that Specialty again. If using Cybergems, classes after the first five in a tier do not grant Specialties.

Special tier classes don't grant Specialties.

Basic Specialties

Advanced Specialties

  • Avoider: AD +1
  • Ungrabbable: GD +1
  • Determined: Will Saves +1, Save DC +1
  • Aggressive: Accuracy +1, Strongman +1, or Magic Power +1
  • Might & Magic (Can't be taken more times than you took the Aggressive Strongman specialty: Magic Power +1
  • Stealthy: Stealth +1
  • Perceptive: Perception +1
  • Sturdy: HP or Toughness +1
  • Energetic: You get an extra Cheap Action each round. You get +6 meters to your movement speeds, and +1 Agility.
  • Survivor: You die and suffer from corpse destruction at 1 less HP than usual.
  • Magical: +3 Charges of the granting class's tier
  • Psychic Aura: Strong Aura +2 meters
  • Hacker: Hacking +1
  • Super-____ (Costs two Specialties): Choose another Advanced Specialty and get its benefits.