Vituperation Spirit

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Vituperation Spirit

The Voice of Madness

The Voice of Madness.jpg

A giant hand with hands for fingers and a mouth on its main palm, the vituperation spirit fills the air with an endless stream of abusive language.

The vituperation spirit is quite smart, and can speak every language. It survives on a diet of souls.

The Voice of Madness
Mythic   —   3000 points
AD  8     GD 9     Will 7     HP  3     Toughness 9
Muscle 5     Accuracy  3     Save DC 11     Magic Power 0
Stealth 0     Perception 2     Agility 28
Descriptors  [ Blooded ], [ Bony ], [ Living ]
Movement  200 meter land speed with 30 meter jump distance. 150 meter swim speed with 5 meter sink.
Size  2 meters     Reach 1.5 meters
Carrying Capacity 320 kilograms      Weight 560 Kilograms
Basic Specialties  Stubborn 2, Physical Evasion 2, Offensive 2, Brutal 2, Sturdy 2
Advanced Specialties  Avoider 4, Ungrabbable 2, Determined 5, Aggressive 2, Perceptive 2, Sturdy 4
Extras  Big
Skills  Bluff +10 (1208 skill points), Legerdemain +10 (1024 skill points), Nature +9 (512 skill points), Insight +8 (256 skill points)

The Voice of Madness has five usable hands, although it can only use two during rounds in which it uses its land speed.

As a standard action, the vituperation spirit can unleash an wave of invective that is Frightening for all other creatures that hear it.

It can scribe a glyph of soul abuse with 1 hour of concentration. Creatures that read it from a distance of 30 meters or less (it must be at least 0.01 meters in size) must succeed on a Will Save or be stunned for 1 minute, and tired for 1 day. A creature that successfully saves against this effect no longer has to save against it for 1 day.

Defeat: When the vituperation spirit is reduced to -4 HP or less, it is utterly destroyed, and words are no longer capable of producing immediate negative reactions. This removes the fear option of Bluff, for one thing.