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Time Judge

Time Judge.jpg

This terrible bird has a long and flexible beak and four pairs of feathery wings, arranged like those of a dragonfly. It has one "hand", its nearly tentacular beak.

Time judges are quite smart, but somewhat delusional, and can speak.

Time Judge
Elite   —   26 points
AD  4     GD 4     Will 2     HP  1     Toughness 4
Muscle 0     Accuracy  0     Save DC 7     Magic Power 1
Stealth 1     Perception 0     Agility 3
Descriptors  [ Blooded ], [ Bony ], [ Living ], [ Angel ], [ Black ]
Movement  8 meter land speed with 0.5 meter jump. 45 meter fly speed with 9 meter aerobatics. 3 meter swim speed with 5 meter sink.
Size  1 meter     Reach 1 meter
Carrying Capacity 10 kilograms      Weight 70 Kilograms
Basic Specialties  Physical Evasion, Offensive, Powerful, Sturdy
Advanced Specialties  Determined, Super-Determined
Extras  Quick

As a standard action, the time judge can create a false past for a creature it can see within 30 meters unless that creature succeeds on a Will Save. If the creature fails, the time judge flings the creature 2 meters in any direction from where it was one round ago, then the movements the creature took during that round are retraced with that offset to determine its new location. The creature sees that it must return to the place it would have been if not for the Paradox: at the end of the creature's turn, if it has not reached that place yet, it takes 1d6+1 Void damage (Magic Power included) as the time judge's power makes it gradually phase out of existence.