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10000 copper
AD  3     GD 5     Will 0     HP  7     Toughness 11
Stealth -2
Descriptors  [ Machine ]
Size  20 meters     Reach 0 meters
Carrying Capacity 400000 kilograms      Weight 2000000 kilograms

The steamship is powered by a blue gem deep within its core.

If the steamship is overloaded, it sinks over the course of 3 rounds.


Driver and 6 Deckhands. Driver and deckhands are on deck.

10 Bilge-Pumpers: A Bilge-Pumper can pump out twice its encumbered load-worth of water as a standard action. Bilge-pumpers are belowdeck.


Paddle-Wheel (Two targetable from all sides other than Front): HP 2, Toughness 6, AD 5. Destroying both paddle-wheels stops it. One is slightly more to the left, and one is slightly more to the right, and destroying one also makes it incapable of turning in the other direction.

Lower Hull (Targetable from all sides other than Top): HP -, Toughness 11. Damaging the lower hull causes the ship to begin filling with water if it is in the water. For every wound inflicted upon the lower hull, the ship takes on 1500 kilograms of water per round.

Movement Modes

Slow: Aquatic

  • Minimum Speed: 0 meters
  • Maximum Speed: 110 meters
  • Turning Radius: 30 meters