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The shadow is a particularly peculiar creature: it appears as a mere perfectly black silhouette on some surface that's illuminated by a particular light source.

Shadows are quite smart, and can speak. They do not need to eat.

Elite   —   25 points
AD  4     GD 4     Will 1     HP  2     Toughness 4
Accuracy  1     Save DC 5     Magic Power 2
Stealth 2     Perception 1     Agility 2
Descriptors  [ Living ], [ White ]
Movement  31 meter land speed with 4 meter jump.
Size  1 meter     Reach 1 meter
Weight N/A
Basic Specialties  Stubborn, Offensive, Sturdy, Well-Rounded, Brutal
Advanced Specialties  Avoider, Aggressive, Stealthy
Extras  Fast

The shadow travels along a surface, and cannot travel to surfaces that are further away than its jump distance, or to surfaces that are not illuminated by its light source. If the shadow's surface is obscured by some closer surface, it is shunted to the nearest surface, if one exists within jumping range: if none exist, it is slain. If the shadow's light source is extinguished, it is slain. The shadow cannot occupy a surface more than 100 meters from its light source or beyond its Dim light range, whichever is shorter. If the shadow touches a different light source, it can stop being attuned to its previous light source in favor of this one.

It being shunted by things that obscure it, weapon and unarmed attacks simply shift it a distance equal to the attacker's reach in the direction of the attacker's choice, without need for attack or damage rolls.

The shadow cannot hold things, being essentially two-dimensional, but it can make attacks with its melee Magic-Damage Deathly Grasp, which deals 1d6+3 Cold damage (Magic Power included).


Hide in Corpse (5 points): The Shadow can attune itself to a dead creature, despite it not projecting light. When a light appears within 1 meter of the corpse, the Shadow may attune itself to that light as an immediate action. The Shadow gains an advanced specialty.

Emergency Light (10 points): As a standard action that inflicts 1d6+2 damage to the Shadow, it may create a light source which emanates bright light out to 10 meters at its current location. The light source disappears after 3 rounds. The Shadow gains two Advanced Specialties.