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This is an enormous genetically engineered badger, designed for strength of psychic potential and heavily augmented.

Legend   —   2400 Coins
Technologies: Military Vehicles, Magitech, Genetic Engineering
AD  4     GD 5     Will 4     HP  6     Toughness 8
Descriptors  [ Machine ], [ Psychic ]
Size  8 meters     Reach 3 meters
Carrying Capacity 6000 kilograms      Weight 20000 kilograms
Power Storage  6     Power Regeneration 4

Despite being a vehicle, the psyberbadger has a Flare fear response.

The psyberbadger's Light Weapons can fire in any direction.

The psyberbadger has a Strong Aura of 25 meters, but both it and its pilot use the larger auras between the two of them. The psyberbadger is comatose and lacks an aura if it does not have a Psychic pilot inside its brain cockpit.

It has two forward-facing Medium melee Vicious Rend weapons, that deal 1d8+6 Physical damage.

The pilot can shield the psyberbadger with a forcefield as a standard action. It counts as an obstacle for firing through, and has 1 HP, and 12 Toughness, and shimmers and glows the psyberbadger's favorite color. Its favorite color is determined by the manufacturer.


You may apply the following option.

Hengehog: The psyberbadger gains a circular arrangement of metal arches on its back, which are targetable from any side except Bottom. This metal henge has HP 2 and Toughness 10. While intact, it grants access to a psychic bloodline, and to one minor and one major Presence from it. This upgrade increases the psyberbadger's value by 20 points.


Legs (Four, targetable from any side except Top): HP 2, Toughness 6, AD 5. Destroying two legs forces the psyberbadger to fall prone, and lose the ability to stand up again.

Organs (Concealment from Front and Rear, Targetable from all sides): HP 2, Toughness 7, AD 6. Destroying the organs forces the psyberbadger to travel at half the speed it was moving on the previous round, then come to a halt, then die after four rounds.

Movement Modes

Slow: The psyberbadger can travel over obstacles up to 5 meters high.

  • Minimum Speed: 0 meters
  • Maximum Speed: 260 meters
  • Turning Radius: 2 meters

Sprint: The psyberbadger can travel over obstacles up to 1 meter high.

  • Minimum Speed: 260 meters
  • Maximum Speed: 600 meters
  • Turning Radius: 40 meters
  • Instability: 1