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Elite Tier Genomorph
Technologies  Genetic Programming
♦ You can release calming pheromones that soothe people as a standard action. Make a ranged attack against GD against all other creatures in a 5 meter Muscle-Area blast: creatures you hit get a -2 penalty to Will Saves and Insight and treat all Insight checks against them as being 2 points higher. This effect lasts for 5 rounds.
♦ You can release intimidating pheromones that terrify people as a standard action. Creatures in a 5 meter Muscle-Area blast find you Frightening. After 5 rounds, creatures who were still suffering from this fear automatically recover.
♦ You can suppress your scent as a standard action. This lasts until you use a pheromone ability, and quarters the distance at which you can be smelled.