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Paragon   —   1600 Coins
Technologies: Military Vehicles
AD  4     GD 4     Will 2     HP  4     Toughness 9
Descriptors  [ Machine ]
Size  15 meters     Reach 0 meters
Carrying Capacity 35000 kilograms      Weight 100000 kilograms
Power Storage  10     Power Regeneration 1

You may apply any of the following options.

Thrusters (Targetable from every side other than top): HP 1, Toughness 5, AD 5. While the Thrusters are functional, the killsat's maximum Speed improves by 1250 meters, and its turning radius is halved. The killsat is worth 20 additional points.


Solar Panels (Targetable on every side): HP 3, Toughness 5. Destroying the Solar Panels means that it can no longer turn or change speed, its targeting systems run out of power after a week, and it gets -1 to Power Regeneration.

Antennae (Targetable from bottom): HP 1, Toughness 6, AD 5. This provides the Killsat with a wireless connection to other wireless-capable systems to which it has line of sight. The transmitter and receiver can be calibrated such that they only detect and send messages along a 10 meter wide beam; if the other end stops being within that beam, the Killsat normally returns to wide receive mode in order to establish a new lock, although it can be commanded to do otherwise.

Movement Modes

Orbit (35500-35900 km): Aerial

  • Minimum Speed: 38900 meters
  • Maximum Speed: 39100 meters
  • Turning Radius: 35500000 meters
  • Climb: 15 meters