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Common   —   50 Coins
AD  4     GD 3     Will 1     HP  1     Toughness 3
Descriptors  [ Machine ]
Size  0.5 meters     Reach 0 meters
Carrying Capacity 5 kilograms      Weight 10 kilograms
Power Storage  0     Power Regeneration 0

The Drone's Light Weapons can fire in any direction.

The Drone cannot have passengers or pilot inside it.


You may apply any of the following options.

Extra Strength: The drone gets +1 Toughness, and its weight and carrying capacity double. The drone is worth 3 extra points.

Stealth: The drone becomes undetectable to radar and TEMPEST sense. It has active camouflage which can be toggled on or off as a move action, which quarters the distance at which it can be seen but makes it no longer undetectable to TEMPEST. The drone is worth 3 additional points.


Engine (Targetable from all sides other than Bottom): HP 1, Toughness 3. The drone falls from the sky.

Sensors (Targetable from all sides other than Top): HP 1, Toughness 2. The drone can no longer detect things.

Movement Modes

Slow: Aerial

  • Minimum Speed: 0 meters
  • Maximum Speed: 300 meters
  • Turning Radius: 3 meters
  • Climb: 60 meters
  • Instability: 1