Death Spirit

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Death Spirit

The End of All Things

The End of All Things.jpg

A skeleton made of rusty metal, the death spirit stalks the land in search of life and unlife to snuff out. It has two hands.

The death spirit is quite smart, and can speak and understand any word a dead creature once spoke, using that creature's voice. It survives on a diet of calories.

The End of All Things
God   —   15000 points
AD  15     GD 15     Will 12     HP  3     Toughness 8
Muscle 0     Accuracy  9     Save DC 13     Magic Power 0
Stealth 9     Perception 9     Agility 7
Descriptors  [ Bony ], [ Machine ]
Movement  136 meter land speed with 2 meter jump distance. 111 meter swim speed with 15 meter sink.
Size  1 meter     Reach 1 meter
Carrying Capacity 10 kilograms      Weight 60 Kilograms
Basic Specialties  Physical Evasion 3, Stubborn 3, Slippery Wit 3, Energetic 3, Offensive 3
Advanced Specialties  Avoider 6, Ungrabbable 6, Determined 6, Aggressive 9, Sturdy 6, Stealthy 6, Perceptive 6
Skills  Insight +11 (2048 skill points), Legerdemain +11 (2048 skill points), Bluff +9 (512 skill points), Scripts +9 (512 skill points), History +9 (880 skill points)

As a standard action, the End of All Things can emanate a blast of death with a 50 meter radius, making an attack against AD against each other creature in the area. Hit creatures instantly die.

When a creature dies, and the death spirit is aware of it, it may use an immediate action to either cause a blast of death as above, centered on the dying creature, or teleport to that creature.

Defeat: When the death spirit is reduced to -4 HP or less, it is utterly destroyed, creatures that were currently dead stop being creatures, and the dead status effect ceases to exist.