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Common   —   200 Coins
AD  4     GD 4     Will 1     HP  3     Toughness 6
Descriptors  [ Machine ]
Size  3 meters     Reach 0 meters
Carrying Capacity 500 kilograms      Weight 1500 kilograms
Power Storage  1     Power Regeneration 1

You may apply any number of the following options.

Hydrogen Cells (Targetable on Bottom side): HP 1, Toughness 4. If the Hydrogen Cells are destroyed, they explode, making a +4 1d6+2 Heat damage attack against everything in a 10 meter blast, hitting the car itself automatically. While functioning properly, the Hydrogen Cells grant an additional Movement Mode after Maximum ThrottleTurbo: Minimum Speed 1200 meters, Maximum Speed 1500 meters, 40 meter Turning Radius, Instability 1.

Automatic Safety Protocols (AI control required): The car has seatbelts which cannot be removed while in motion (HP 1, Toughness 3). It cannot drive faster than the speed limit or drive into restricted areas. When it is used to commit a traffic violation, the AI driver automatically takes over and parks the vehicle. Disabling these safety protocols has a hacking difficulty of 2.


Tires (Two on Left Side, two on Right): HP 1, Toughness 4. Destroying a tire forces the car to turn as hard as possible in the direction of the destroyed tire. With multiple destroyed tires, the car moves for one more round in a random possible direction before coming to a halt.

Engine (Targetable on both Front and Bottom sides): HP 1, Toughness 5. Destroying the engine forces the car to travel at half the speed it was moving on the previous round, then come to a halt.

Movement Modes


  • Minimum Speed: 0 meters
  • Maximum Speed: 450 meters
  • Turning Radius: 5 meters

Maximum Throttle:

  • Minimum Speed: 450 meters
  • Maximum Speed: 1200 meters
  • Turning Radius: 20 meters
  • Instability: 1